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UrgentEMS is developing a daily use telemedicine platform on top of the exiting EMS infrastructure within communities, ensuring there will always be an in person provider in the loop for true emergencies or when hands on services are required 24/7/365 at a moments notice for our network members.

We will be an Urgent Care platform filling the voids between emergent transport and more appropriate urgent care for the medically under served. UrgentEMS will be able to connect the appropriate level provider with the NON EMERGENT network member patients 24/7/365.

Once fully implemented UrgentEMS, INC will connect Dentists, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and physicians through a telemedicine platform creating virtual clinics to address the urgent concerns of member patients within the network. UrgentEMS associated agencies will be available at all times if directed to provide hands on services, point of care lab collection, or transport of the patient.

The UrgentEMS network will share the monthly membership fees with participating EMS Agencies and other network providers.


Available Doctors

Tele Med

15 min Virtual Visits

Emergency Medicine,

Mobile Clinic

We Come To You

Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine,

Dr. Tiffany Najberg

General Medicine

Emergency Medicine,

Clinic Doctor


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