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    Patient Scheduling

    Automate Your Patient Scheduling 24/7.

    HealthClinics Patient Scheduling allows patients to securely book appointments with their Doctor 24/7 from any computer or mobile device.  HealthClinics is scaleable and provides options on how Patients can book their appointments with your facility.  Admin can manage the schedule of multiple Doctors belonging to the same Health Clinic, Urgent Care or Private Practice.  If you're not ready to fully automate your scheduling process, you can manage appointments the traditional way with our Admin Only services.  It's an easy transition to full automation when you're ready to take the plunge!

    We make it easy to manage multiple Doctors within a facility.  Patients can also select a Doctor based upon their specialty.  Healthcare is our specialty, so we have curated our Patient Scheduling system to be extremely efficient.  Save time & money by automating your scheduling, leave the scheduling to us and focus more on patient care.

    We offer several features and plans to fit and grow with your organization.

    Patient Scheduling


    Remind patients about their appointment through email or text notification.

    Appointments are created and managed in real time with your schedule.

    No phantom appointments. Patients verify their account through their mobile phones.

    Appointments can be integrated with Google Calendar, Apple's iCal & Microsoft Outlook.

    Patients can keep track of all their appointments through their account history.



    • Disable unavailable time slots from showing
    • Automatic text or email appointment confirmations and reminders to patients
    • "Book Now" banner for your website
    • Cancellation notifications to your email
    • Provide multiple appointment slots for one time (ie: allow three bookings for 9am)



    • Manage schedule for multiple doctors
    • Patient can book online with Clinic and/or Doctors
    • Admin can assign a Doctor to a Patient after the appointment is booked
    • Integrate appointment scheduling into your website
    • Run HealthClinics Patient Scheduling platform with your branding and domain
    • Cancellation notifications sent to Doctors and facility


    We provide products and services designed to meet the growing demand of technology in the healthcare industry. With the proper use of technology, we give businesses more efficiency at an affordable cost.

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