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Search for a Health Clinic or Urgent Care
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Manage Your Patients On The Go!

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    Search for a Health Clinic or Urgent Care


      Healthcare In 3 Easy Steps!

      1. Find A Clinic Or Doctor

      2. Book An Appointment

      3. Visit A Doctor

      Smart Scheduling for Healthcare

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      a HealthClinics software solution

      • Free text appointment notifications & reminders
      • Real-Time appointment scheduling
      • Patient identity verification for appointments
      • Apple iCal, Outlook & Google calendar integration
      • Patient Dashboard

      • Patients can book with the Doctor or Clinic
      • Easy integration with your website
      • Accept appointments six monts out
      • Manage multiple Doctor schedules in one account
      • Private label options available


      About HealthTech

      We provide products and services designed to meet the growing demand of technology in the healthcare industry. With the proper use of technology, we give businesses more efficiency at an affordable cost.


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